Graphic Design

This is a very small sample of the design work I have done.  I have also helped to design websites and many web elements such as icons, banners and navigational elements.  I also have a strong background in page layouts as well as creating marketing collateral such as brochures, informational booklets and business cards. I am updating these as I gain permission to display part work.  Some of the design work that I crate is for confidential clients and I am not at liberty to display it for legal reasons.   Along with these examples.  I designed the entire website of as well as many of the web banners and content on

Graphic Design for Mattphil Technology

A few web banners and web graphics that I completed during my time at HOA Technology

This is another collection of some pieces I completed for another employer.

A collection of commission based graphics work. 

Some simple page layouts and fliers that I created during my time working for the Girl Scout Council of Orange County.