New Brewing Logo

So, as usual I did the Voodoo Child Brewing annual anniversary glass logo.  This one was the 2nd year and is beach / tiki themed.  It turned out pretty well and the brewers love it.  🙂

Llama Hand

Not sure why I did this one but thought it was funny.  The llama is from a photo I took a few years ago in Wyoming.

Yeah, I’m a Star Wars Nerd

This Is a photo of a seaplane I took a few years back.  For some reason I decided it would be cool if Darth Vader were to park his star destroyer over Lake Washington and pay a visit to Seattle.  If only this could happen, it’d be so cool!


Messing around with am image from a short story I have been writing.

So,  years ago I had a crazy nightmare.  I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to write it down.  I then had a series of follow up dreams that seemed to fall into line with the original. I have now compiled most of them into a 14 page long short story.  I am planning on continuing this story in the future.  Who knows where it will go.

The image I have been creating could be used as a cover but at this point simply conveys the feeling of the original dream.

One image is a photo I took on a hike of my hiking buddy,  the second is the current rendition of the cover.



Grateful Hunter

Tonight I decided to just mess around with some logo ideas. Here is one that I came up with.  The last one is just something for fun.