Makau Carvings

I have always had an affinity for the Hawaiian hook designs called Makau.  I have been creating some for a while now and these are a few examples.  The hooks are either carved from pearl shell or Bone, I carved them all with a dremmel tool. I lashed and made the rope for the necklaces using waxed nylon cord.  Some of them have a small carved hook clasp as well.


Some finished work.

This is a small sampling of some of my more recent ceramic work.  It is all stoneware and build by hand.  They are fired to cone 10 and glazed with a combination of iron oxide washes and a few other glazes.  All of the bottles are food safe.

Chameleon Vase

This is an “under construction” piece.  I will upload a finished version once it is complete.  It is just a small vase with a chameleon crawling on it.  For some reason I have always loved making little things with animals on them.



Sculpture update! !

This is an update on the Salmon which is still under construction as well as a look at some new stuff.

The Octopus vases are all going to be for sale and are the first in a whole series of small vases that will be covered with different animals, patterns, etc… Stay tuned for more nifty stuff.

Fish bones

This is an updated version of an old fish skeleton I did in college.  I got some old fence slats and sanded them up so they look nicer and figured, who not have some bones on one.  This isn’t the best picture but it gives you an idea of how it looks.  The bones are cone 10 stoneware and were salt fired.


This is the new project I am working on.  Eventually it will be a somewhat abstracted Salmon.  I’m not sure yet whether I will put an eyeball in the socket or not though. I gained the inspiration from being in Snohomish Washington and caught a glimpse of some pink salmon swimming up stream.

Woohoo, Deinonychus is Done.

This is the final and finished product of the Deinonychus that I have shown in process.  I used cone 10 stoneware and an iron oxide wash to accent the details.  His eyes are glazed with a celadon and his claws are glased with tonmoku.




The almost finished product of my work during the class.  This was something that I had been meaning to do for a very long time.


Halloween was great!  The zombie makeup went over really well.  People were stopping us on the street and taking pictures with is randomly.  We were “The Walking Dead”.  I made all of the prosthetics from scratch using liquid latex and other assorted materials.  I feel like it turned out pretty well