IMG_278819179808938I started off like most people started getting into art, with a box of crayons and some multicolored paper.  From there I branched out into many different mediums.  One of my strong suits was always illustration.  As a child and to this day I am constantly drawing something.  Whether it is a little cartoon animal or a portrait, I am always putting pencil to paper in one way or another In High school I realized my affinity for ceramics and sculpting.  Later on in college I entered into the Biological sciences and studied Environmental Plant Biology for a few years before changing my major to Fine Art.? I graduates with a Bachelors in Fine Art from Ohio University. I received the Community artist award for Athens Ohio and have hosted and been a curatorial assistant for many art shows.  I received first place in the “Decorative Vessel” competition at the Laguna Art Festival Mud Slinger’s Day in 2007.   Since then I have taken up photography and delved deeper into graphic design.  Along side my sculpting and ceramic work, I strongly developed my skills in graphic design while at Ohio U.

I currently hold the position of Lead Graphic Artist at my job and have the good fortune to use my creativity every day.  I try to do as much photography as I can and get lucky enough to do some sculpting from time to time.  Everyday, I am working to perfect my artistic skills in any manner that I can.



Oh, and no that crocodile wasn’t really there.  I do like taking photos of wildlife but not in a suicidal manner…Photoshop can be so much fun sometimes!

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