Grateful Hunter

Tonight I decided to just mess around with some logo ideas. Here is one that I came up with.  The last one is just something for fun.

Novel Cover Design Finished

I was recently commissioned to do the cover of a novel by a local writer Named Jeremy Deconcini.  This his his third book in the series about an ex FBI agent named Ben Adams.  Jeremy is particularly proud of this book and said that it is his best work to date.  I was honored when he asked me to work with him on a design.

This job was particularly fun.  The first part was taking the photographs for the main character on the front.  We drove to the desert and snapped a few good shots and then went on an awesome hike.

It isn’t often that a writer uses themselves as the cover art.  This time though, I feel like it worked very well.

I then went to work collaborating with the author on what he wanted and we went through a series of drafts with the end result shown below.  It was a great project and he and I are both happy with the result.



Arachnid office visitor

So, I got to my office this morning and looked up to see a make Daring Jumping Spider on my wall.  I figured that an office is no place for this little guy so I caught him and am going to release him later on today into a garden.  I couldn’t resist taking a quick photo though the green on the cheliserae is beautiful.



Ditch Day Massacre Poster Redesign

Well, the original design for the Ditch Poster went over very well but I was asked to do a slight revamping to modernize it a bit.  I was told to keep the text basically the same but change the focal image.  I took a photo of the prop axe from the movie and came up with these two designs.  I think they came out pretty nice, yet bloody….


A short hike from the weekend


I spent last Saturday trudging through the wilderness of back bay in Newport Beach.  It is a really nice place to go and spend an afternoon if the weather is right.  The upper part is great this time of year with some good trails and a ton of nice flowers.   There are humming birds buzzing all over and you can usually see a fair amount of hawks hovering around and hunting the millions of rabbits that live there.  Occasionally you can catch a glimpse of some burrowing owls who live there also.

The lower part can get pretty mucky but is work a little hike.  There are a ton of march birds and lots of butterflies that wander a midst the reeds and bullrush down by the water.


egret-1 egret-2 bee-flower-2blue-heron-3

An image from a dream

So, I had a dream a while back where I opened the window and was face to face with a great white.  I did a quick web search and found a good picture of a Great White Shark and then took and edited a photo of my window.  Ho much would you freak out if this welcomed you in the morning?



In Honor of Jurassic World

I am a total dinosaur nerd.  So,  This is a sign that I envision seeing around Jurassic Park. It was created using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  I created the entire image from scratch.  Don’t pet the Raptors…..


raptor sign