Older image but funny

I was dredging through some stuff and found this from a while back.  We had a Cinco De Mayo Party at the office and I was told to make a small poster.  My goofy sense of humor got the better of me.  Used Adobe Photoshop.
Cinco de mayo




Messing around with some poster ideas

Since doing the Ditch Day Massacre poster, I have been toying with other ideas for posters.  These are just based on a concept for a movie that I came up with called “The Pier”  I just ran with the idea and came up with these two mock-ups.  The pier pilings were from a photo that I took and the rest were obtained via web searches.  Both the posters were created using Adobe Photoshop.


Designed my first movie poster!

A friend of mine is a screen writer and author, He just finished filming a movie and asked me to do the poster for it. Here it is. The movie was called Ditch Day Massacre. Here is the films website. Thank you Dan Coughlin and Megan Waters for letting me design the poster, It was a lot of fun!  The posters were made from movie stills and some photos I took of different textures.  The whole poster was created in Adobe Photoshop



Makau Carvings

I have always had an affinity for the Hawaiian hook designs called Makau.  I have been creating some for a while now and these are a few examples.  The hooks are either carved from pearl shell or Bone, I carved them all with a dremmel tool. I lashed and made the rope for the necklaces using waxed nylon cord.  Some of them have a small carved hook clasp as well.


Some finished work.

This is a small sampling of some of my more recent ceramic work.  It is all stoneware and build by hand.  They are fired to cone 10 and glazed with a combination of iron oxide washes and a few other glazes.  All of the bottles are food safe.

Chameleon Vase

This is an “under construction” piece.  I will upload a finished version once it is complete.  It is just a small vase with a chameleon crawling on it.  For some reason I have always loved making little things with animals on them.