Some New Random Drawings.

I’ve been sketching a bit more lately.  It had been forever since I had put pencil to paper.  Here’s what I came up with…

New Brewing Logo

So, as usual I did the Voodoo Child Brewing annual anniversary glass logo.  This one was the 2nd year and is beach / tiki themed.  It turned out pretty well and the brewers love it.  🙂

Yeah, I’m a Star Wars Nerd

This Is a photo of a seaplane I took a few years back.  For some reason I decided it would be cool if Darth Vader were to park his star destroyer over Lake Washington and pay a visit to Seattle.  If only this could happen, it’d be so cool!


Messing around with some random Photoshop techniques

Last night I decided to mess around with a “flaking” technique in Photoshop on an old photo I took.  Turned out pretty cool.

Messing around with am image from a short story I have been writing.

So,  years ago I had a crazy nightmare.  I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to write it down.  I then had a series of follow up dreams that seemed to fall into line with the original. I have now compiled most of them into a 14 page long short story.  I am planning on continuing this story in the future.  Who knows where it will go.

The image I have been creating could be used as a cover but at this point simply conveys the feeling of the original dream.

One image is a photo I took on a hike of my hiking buddy,  the second is the current rendition of the cover.



American Overland Brew Co.

I was recently commissioned to do some logos for an up and coming brewery based out of Arizona.  The themes are that of an offroading and rugged lifestyle set on the old Overland Trail in Arizona.


Grateful Hunter

Tonight I decided to just mess around with some logo ideas. Here is one that I came up with.  The last one is just something for fun.